West Coast Transmission is Shifting How You Think About Transmission Repair

West Coast TransmissionFamily-owned and operated, West Coast Transmission is Sacramento’s largest and most reliable automotive transmission repair facility since 1988. We guarantee quality service and general automotive repair in a timely and efficient manner. We keep our customers satisfied by informing them of every little change or delay. Our seasoned team can diagnose your vehicle’s issues down to the root, and provide you with options that will accommodate your budget and schedule.


West Coast Transmission is an expert in performing high quality transmission and clutch service with wholesale prices. We offer financing for qualified clients to pay the repair service overtime to better fit their budget. Aside from this, we honor fleet discounts.


Our mechanics are equipped with the skills and technology required to service a wide range of vehicles. With more than three decades of experience, our technicians and transmission builders are some of the best in the industry. Each of our mechanics is A SE certified, so our clients are assured that their vehicles are in good hands. Moreover, West Coast is an AAA-endorsed shop, as well as ATRA member. Our services include repairing and rebuilding, as well as providing either new or used transmission for vehicles. At the end of the day, our clients are assured that their vehicles are kept indoors and are protected with a top of the line security system.


As our standard warranty, we at West Coast Transmission provide 1-year, 12,000 mile warranty on rebuilt transmissions. In addition, we also offer a 2-year, 24,000 mile warranty under certain circumstances.


West Coast Transmission promises you of a reliable service you can count on. With our technology, tools and talents, you are assured of a terrific transmission service done on time.