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Automatic Gear

automatic gear

Everything You Need To Know About an Automatic Gear

What a lot of us don’t know is that our car has an automatic gear, which is generally just called automatic. This type of car is the most common automobile now for many reasons. When a car is automatic, it is a type of motor vehicle transmission that can automatically change gear ratios as the vehicle moves. This option of transmission has become so popular that the majority of people don’t have a clue on how to drive a manual transmission if our life depended on it. But luckily, it probably won’t ever depend on it because the majority of cars sold today are automatic for that specific reason.

Let’s first go in to some detail about what an automatic gear actually does and what all those little letters written on the lever mean. Automatic means basically that you don’t really have to do anything besides hit the gas and break. Well, there is a little more to it but nothing any of us can’t grasp. In an automatic car in order to select a certain transmission operating mode, the driver must move the selection lever to the desired mode. These modes include, park, reverse, neutral and drive.

Park is the safest state of a car. This selection mechanically locks the output shaft of the transmission, restricting the vehicle from moving in any direction. This is where you want to be if you really don’t have anywhere to be! Reverse will either be your best friend or your enemy. When put in this gear, it permits the vehicle to be driven backward and operates a switch to turn on the white backup lights for improved visibility. Be cautious when using this gear and make sure to use all mirrors for your assistance! Neutral disengages all gear trains within the transmission effectively disconnecting the transmission from the driven wheels, which allows the car to coast freely. And lastly drive, which is the most productive and useful position a car can be in. This gear will, without a doubt, be your favorite gear ever. This position lets the transmission engage the full range of forward gear ratios, allowing the car to accelerate through its range of gears.

The convenience and option of an automatic gear is one of the greatest creations in the automobile world today. So if you’re worried about any automatic transmission problems then don’t hesitate to come by West Coast Transmission for a free diagnostic check!

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