Automatic Transmission Troubleshooting Basics

Automatic Transmission Troubleshooting Basics

automatic transmission troubleshooting

How to Perform Your Own Automatic Transmission Troubleshooting

When it comes to living an everyday life, depending on where a person lives, a car is most likely a necessity. Humans don’t realize how much they rely on their vehicles until one day something goes wrong. Without a decent public transportation system, it would be difficult for people to navigate around town. Since the importance of a car is so high, the familiarity a person has with their vehicle should be a top priority as well. By being familiar with a vehicle, drivers should be able to perform automatic transmission troubleshooting. This is a simple self-inspection. There are a few common problems that can be identified if a person knows his or her car. Knowing it’s normal sounds, type of drive, and control are aspect that can make automatic transmission troubleshooting more successful.

Where to begin with transmission troubleshooting? Begin with the basics. There are five things that a person who is not a mechanic can recognize. First begin with checking for fluid leaks by seeing if there are puddles underneath the parked car or drippings from the undercarriage. No leaks? A transmission overheating could be an issue, which will be clear from the gauges on the car’s dash. Recognizing a sort of clicking or whining sound could identify another possible problem; by knowing the normal sounds of the vehicle, any new sounds should be a red flag. Lastly, when shifting, feel if it is erratic or delayed. With a bit of time and a little knowledge, drivers may be able to identify the problem of their vehicle themselves.

During transmission troubleshooting if these problems aren’t clear, and a person has checked if either the transmission fluid is low, ineffective, or burnt, then it may require more complex steps. A run of the on-board computer within the vehicle will bring up OBD codes; these codes are informing a person of different internal problems that need to be addressed. If the basic automatic transmission troubleshooting and OBD codes don’t find the problem or a person doesn’t have access to finding out the OBD codes, it is then time to come on over to West Coast Transmission!

Whether it is to identify the problem, or fix the problem, let West Coast Transmission be your shop. We promise you reliable service that will be completed in a timely manner. We even offer specific warranties based on the work done to a vehicle. Come on over to our location in Sacramento for more information. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook!



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