Car Warning Lights

Car Warning Lights

car warning lights

Car Warning Lights: Know What They Mean

Have you ever been driving to work or school, listening to your favorite song and all of a sudden a flashing red light appears on your dashboard and about a million thoughts run through your head? Is it your transmission? Is a car door open? Did a tire just pop? Wait….is your car going to blow up? Probably not, but if this has ever happened to you, then you know the importance of knowing what the heck those little lights mean when they do appear. If you’ve had the pleasure of it never happening to you, then it’s good to be informed about your car warning lights and how to react to them when they suddenly appear.

Most of the time, the lights that appear can be as simple as just putting on your seatbelt or closing the trunk of your car. Other times they can be serious transmission issues that need to be attended to as soon as possible. In these cases color will be your best friend! Depending on what color the warning light is, will determine the level of importance. If the light is green or blue, it is only telling you that the system is on or operating at the moment so don’t fret. If the light is yellow or orange, this means that something needs to be repaired or serviced soon. So if you find time in your schedule, try and swing by a repair shop to get it checked out. If the light is red, this indicates that there is potentially a serious problem with your transmission and it should be treated as soon as possible! Color is key when it comes down to car warning lights.

Some of the most common and serious lights include: brake lights, engine coolant temperature indicators, engine oil level or oil pressure warnings, engine oil sensor and charging system warning light symbols. Many times these lights or other lights appear at random times which means that a fault has occurred somewhere in the vehicle or transmission. The light does not pinpoint exactly what the issue is though, so if one appears it is best to make it down to an auto repair shop like West Coast Transmission to ensure your transmission is working properly.

At West Coast Transmission we are happy to help you discover what the underlying issue is and making sure we get it fixed in a timely manner. So next time one of your car warning lights appears, don’t panic just swing by West Coast Transmission to get your transmission checked out!

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