Choose West Coast Transmission Sacramento

Choose West Coast Transmission Sacramento

Why You Should Choose West Coast Transmission Sacramento

A few reasons why West Coast Transmissions “WCT” should always be your go-to auto destination

  • Experience.

    West Coast Transmission has been operating in the Sacramento area for over the last 10 years. It was started in 2003 to provide expert transmission diagnosis and repair to the motoring public.

  • Capability.

    WCT technicians are up to date on all of the hundreds of transmission types on the road today. They have the equipment and the know-how to diagnose and repair transmission problems in the most economical way possible.

  • A Procedure You Can Understand.

    The West Coast Transmission Manager will take you through every step in the diagnostic and, if necessary, the repair procedure. He or she will make sure that you understand and are comfortable with the entire process.

  • Empathy And Concern.

    West Coast Transmission Center Employees are people just like you. They understand how traumatic it can be when you first discover or suspect a transmission malfunction. So they treat their customers the way they wold want to be treated.

  • Full Disclosure.

    Although a transmission is perceived by many to be a “Black Box” that they will never understand, at WCT we don’t think having it repaired should be a mystery. That’s why you will always receive a written estimate upon request and a repair order that will detail parts and labor required. You will be invited to inspect any and all parts to be replaced.

  • Accountability.

    WCT is privately owned and operated centers that must conform to the high standards set by the franchiser. Unlike dealing with a small local transmission shop where the owner has the last word.

  • Peace Of Mind.

    When your transmission has been serviced or repaired at West Coast Transmission Sacramento Center you don’t have to give it another thought. You’ll know you’ve been treated to the highest quality service or repair and customer care standards in the transmission industry.

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