Clutch Replacement and Life Span

Clutch Replacement and Life Span

clutch replacement

Clutch Replacement: The Road to Smooth Shifting

In a car with a manual transmission, an experienced driver knows how to properly work the clutch for smooth starts, shifts, and downshifts.  For those that are not so inclined when it comes to working the gearbox, the smell of a burning clutch may be all too familiar.  If a clutch is abused for too long, it will lose its ability to function, and a dreaded clutch replacement could be in order.  Though it is not nearly as big of a challenge as repairing a gear within the transmission itself, changing a clutch is quite the job, even for an expert home mechanic.  Properly installing a clutch requires patience as well as knowledge of the form and function of the transmission as a whole.

A clutch replacement requires extensive knowledge, as accessing the clutch is quite the task in itself.  The flywheel and clutch generally go hand-in-hand, but sometimes the flywheel can be resurfaced instead of replaced all together.  Each time the clutch is engaged and disengaged, it is worn down by a microscopic amount.  If the clutch is being ridden, or not engaged and disengaged properly, it will wear down at an excessive rate.  This excessive wear can cause the lifespan of a clutch to diminish rapidly.  Though some clutches have been reported as lasting as long as one hundred thousand miles, others have been known to need replacing as soon as twenty thousand miles.  This fluctuation in lifespan is further reason to believe that it is based upon how the driver engages the clutch.

The professionals at West Coast Transmission are able to identify a worn clutch, and replace it with dexterity and timeliness.  A bad clutch can cause for a ride that is rough and uncomfortable, which is why it is important to replace a clutch as soon as signs of excessive wear and tear begin to show.  A clutch replacement could make the difference between a relatively small and quick repair, and a large, time consuming transmission swap or repair.  With proper knowledge and a smooth driving style, it is possible to get the absolute most out of your clutch before it needs to be replaced.  At West Coast Transmission, our expert diagnostic allows us to determine whether or not the clutch needs to be replaced, or if there is something else affecting the function of the transmission.

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