Some Mistaken Transmission Trouble

Some Mistaken Transmission Trouble

10 Conditions That Can Affect Transmission Performance

Many things can happen to your car that might lead to mistaken transmission trouble. Here are ten conditions that can affect transmission performance, but are not part of the transmission itself and can be relatively inexpensive to repair.

  1.  Poor fuel system adjustment.
  2.  Dirty fuel injectors or fuel filter.
  3.  Engine timing out of adjustment.
  4.  Poorly adjusted shifter cable or throttle linkage.
  5.  Damaged engine vacuum line.
  6.  Broken engine or transmission mounts,
  7.  Poor performing engine.
  8.  Collapsed exhaust pipe, muffler, or clogged catalytic converter.
  9.  Computer or sensor malfunction.
  10.  Electrical or wiring problem of any kind.

So keep an eye on your car and watch for any of these ten conditions. Remember, that these conditions can be “mistaken transmission trouble” and should still be taken serious to prolong the life of the transmission. If you notice something wrong and are unsure just Contact West Coast Transmission today. We are happy to help with any questions or concerns.

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