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The West Coast Transmission Diagnostic And Repair Procedure

  1. Dial 916-348-3962. Your call will be automatically routed to the West Coast Transmission nearest you.
  2. The West Coast Transmission will ask a few questions to determine whether the vehicle can be driven to the center or, if it is safer, to dispatch a tow truck to have it brought in.
  3. When the vehicle arrives at our shop, a FREE WEST COAST CHECK 11 PROCEDURE will be performed to determine whether the the problem is inside the transmission or is external to it, or,for that matter, if there is any problem at all. 

    *Note: On occasion, because of electrical problems indicated,further diagnosis will be necessary to determine the cause and possible cure for the malfunction. In such situations our Manager will ask for approval to go ahead with a more in depth study of the problem. This may include the use of an electronic scanning device or other equipment designed for the purpose. There may be a charge for this diagnostics service, in which case the Center Manager will explain it in detail and ask for your authorization to continue.

  4.  If it is determined that the problem is external of the transmission, the Manager will recommend an appropriate course of action to resolve the problem. It may involve a repair to another part of the vehicle that either controls or has some influence on the function of the transmission.
  5.  If the transmission itself is found to be at fault the Manager may ask for authorization to remove it from the vehicle and disassemble it to determine the cause and the extent of the damage. There may be a charge for this service. If so, this charge will become part of the cost of the repairs when you decide which corrective service best suits your needs.
  6. When the transmission has been fully disassembled with the Technician will present the Manager with a “Worn and Damaged Parts Report” along with a “Breakdown of Labor Operations” which will be used to help calculate the actual cost to repair the transmission.
  7. You will be informed as to exactly what caused the transmission failure and the steps that will be taken to once again make the transmission road-worthy. Several repair options with various warranties will be offered.
  8. Once you have chosen the option that best suits your requirements, the repair, reconditioning, replacement, or rebuilding of the transmission will be completed. After the transmission has been re-installed in the vehicle it will be road tested to confirm that the process has indeed solved the problem. You will then be informed that the vehicle is ready.
  9.  When you come to pick up your vehicle the Manager will once again go over, in detail, the procedure that was preformed, the itemized invoice, and a complete explanation of the warranty and how you would go about getting service under it. Only when you understand all of the details and have no further questions will the process be considered complete.
  10. You will be invited to bring the vehicle in for a re-check within the next two weeks to confirm that the transmission is functioning normally and that all questions and concerns have been addressed.