Pushing the Limits: 4-Wheel Drive Transmission Services

West Coast Transmission 4-Wheel-Drive ServicesWest Coast Transmission is an expert in all aspects of 4 Wheel Drive (4×4) Transmission Services. We are equipped with the tools and experience to conduct complete 4×4 transmission services, whether it may be a regular maintenance, tune-up, or a complete modification.


“4×4” generally pertains to a 4 wheel drive, a vehicle that has four wheels that can power the vehicle. It is different from other vehicles such that 4×4 vehicles could be driven either in two-wheel mode or through utilization of all four wheels. Transmission-wise, a 4×4 transmission has the capacity to carry a heavier load than various two-wheel transmission cars. These types of transmission demand more rugged functions, such as for off-road driving or for towing purposes.


At West Coast Transmission, we understand your 4 wheel drive’s special parts and needs. Unlike other vehicle types, a 4×4 vehicle needs attention when it comes to its transfer case, differential, driveline, alignment, wheel bearings, as well as hubs, seals, studs, and nuts.


We at West Coast Transmission are not only familiar to issues concerning 4 wheel drives; we specialize in finding solutions. Years of experience have made our technicians knowledgeable in observing four wheel behaviors, as well as determining the issue in transmission and the vehicle’s transfer case.


Our services include:

  • Four wheel drive performance check to maintain vehicle efficiency and identify issues
  • Total transmission fluid flush, change, or exchange for 4×4 vehicles with automatic transmission
  • Fluid draining and refilling for 4×4 vehicles with manual transmission
  • Filter change
  • Rear differential fluid draining and refilling
  • Front differential fluid draining and refilling
  • Transfer case fluid draining and refilling
  • 4×4 wheel transmission repair services
  • 4×4 wheel transmission rebuild services
  • 4×4 wheel vehicle general maintenance


To schedule a 4 wheel drive diagnostic check or any service, fill out the Service Reservation Form or contact us at (916) 348 3962.