A Convertible Service: Automatic Transmission and Manual Transmission Experts

West Coast Transmission Automatic and Manual Transmission ServicesUnderstanding the difference between an Automatic Transmission and a Manual Transmission is not only significant when purchasing a new car, it is also important to differentiate that two when it comes to transmission services.


Basically, these are the main differences between a manual transmission and automatic transmission vehicles.


First, a manual transmission utilizes a gear shift to change gears and manipulate the vehicle’s speed. With this transmission, the driver is engaged in coordinating among the clutch, throttle, and gears in order to operate the car. Thus, a manual transmission car includes a clutch pedal to unlock gears safely. The shift gear for this type of transmission is located on the floor, while that in a automatic transmission vehicle can be found on the steering column beside the steering wheel, or on the floor as well.


In addition, this type of transmission preserves Revolutions per Minute (RPM) within the necessary range. This makes driving a manual transmission vehicle more difficult to use. This is the reason why most drivers prefer driving automatic transmission cars. With automatic transmission cars, drivers would just have to set the car in the “drive,” and the transmission steps in to keep the RPMs within range. Since drivers manually manipulate the vehicle’s speed in the latter, drivers have a sense of control in the vehicle. However, automatic transmission cars provide easy operation in stop-and-go traffic.


Next, manual transmission cars are usually cheaper than automatic transmission cars. There is a general presumption that this type of transmission produces better gas mileage and more efficient cars. In addition, it is believed that there will be fewer repairs required throughout the duration of the vehicle’s lifespan. These repairs are also usually less costly than those that need to be conducted on automatic transmission vehicles.


Nonetheless, West Coast Transmission offers diagnosis, maintenance, and service for both automatic transmission and manual transmission. Our seasoned professionals are equipped with the technology and knowledge required to identify the root of your transmission issues, and determine the exact solution needed.


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