Filling (and Emptying) it Up: Transmission Flush and Fluid Change

West Coast Transmission Fluid Flush & ChangeTransmission fluid is essential in lubricating and cleaning vehicle transmission parts. It is recommended that vehicle fluid should be flushed out and replaced regularly to maintain the efficiency of the chemicals present in it. Thus, it is essential to follow a vehicle’s transmission and fluid change schedule. This is of utmost importance to preserve a car’s transmission, keep the whole system in good condition, as well to avoid future transmission repairs. A fluid exchange is usually due every 30,000 miles.


Degradation of a vehicle’s fluids can result to the buildup of various particles in your engine. They flow with the oil, which can then eventually prevent the fluid to circulate through the system. In manual transmission systems, transmission fluid is utilized to prevent overheating and untimely gear erosion through its lubrication and maintenance of operating temperature. The type of fluid used in manual systems is determined by the make, model, and specifications of the vehicle. Manual systems are prone to contamination, specifically by metal pieces from worn bearing or synchronizers. Meanwhile, in automatic transmission systems, gear shifts and movements are powered by a pressurized transmission fluid circulating through the system. Thus, aside from lubrication and cooling, fluid is essential to an automatic system’s overall transmission. In automatic transmission systems, the fluid is prone to breaking down and dissipating.


This is where an engine transmission flush comes in. A transmission flush is a vehicle maintenance process that aims to remove all the oil in the system, thus cleaning out deposits and open the pathways needed for the fluid to circulate through. By filling it with new oil, grime and sludge are pushed out of the vehicle’s system. An engine transmission flush assists in preserving the vehicle’s power, as well as maintaining its fuel economy.


Aside from a fluid flush, a fluid change is also vital in maintaining your vehicle power. Overtime, impurities and contaminants infiltrate the vehicle’s transmission. This can potentially result to the degradation of critical components. A fluid change drains all fluid through natural gravitational forces to eliminate all harmful contaminants.


West Coast Transmission offers manual and automatic transmission fluid flush and fluid change exchanges to ensure a more efficient transmission system. To schedule a transmission flush and fluid change, fill out the Service Reservation Form or contact us at (916) 348 3962.