Ten Don’ts For A Longer Transmission Life

16. September, 2013


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Ten Don’ts For A Longer Transmission Life

Want Your Transmission To Live Longer? Here Are Ten Things You Should Not Do In Order To Extend The Life Of Your Transmissions.

  1. Don’t Leave The Shift Lever In Park (P) Without The Parking Brake On. If another vehicle were to even tap yours in the front or back while parked it could cause a part inside your transmission (the parking pawl) to break leaving your vehicle to roll down the street unattended.
  2. Don’t Downshift To “Brake” At Traffic Lights. A forced downshift at high engine RPM causes excessive wear on transmission friction components (clutches and bands.)
  3. Don’t Place Shift Lever in Drive or Reverse when engine is at “Fast Idle”. This can cause abrupt transmission engagement leading to early failure of clutches, bands, gear sets, driveline components and engine or transmission mounting.
  4. Don’t Drag Race. Unless your vehicle was specifically designed for that purpose it cannot sustain that form of abuse. You run the risk of damaging all driveline components.
  5. Don’t Use Your Shift Lever Instead of Your Break. Before reversing direction your car must be at a complete stop. Using the transmission to stop the vehicle will lead to premature transmission failure.
  6. Don’t Rock Your Car in Sand or Snow. Dig it out or have it towed. Both are less expensive than the damage you may cause by quick shifting between Reverse (R) and Drive (D) over and over again. The excessive heat that is caused by such action can burn out a transmission in a very short period of time.
  7. Don’t Drive Until The Engine Warms up. A good rule for a longer transmission life and for it to perform properly, the fluid must be at operating temperature. Give it a few minutes and it will give you better and longer service.
  8. Don’t Let Anyone Tow Your Vehicle With The Drive Wheels on the Ground. Rear wheel drive vehicles must be towed with the rear wheels off the ground. Front Wheel drive vehicles must be towed with the front wheels in the air. All wheel or full time four-wheel drive vehicles should be flat towed (all four wheels off the ground) Not Sure? Check your owner’s manual. Improper towing can cause serious damage!
  9. Don’t Stop Suddenly. Like fast starts, sudden stops can damage drivetrain components like engine and transmission mounts. These can lead to transmission damage. After any sudden emergency stop, it would be wise to have your mounts checked.
  10. Don’t Play Transmission “Doctor”. Over the counter additives that are supposed to stop leaks or make the transmission shift better many times contain chemicals that may cause worn seals to swell. This can interfere with the function of these operating rubber parts and lead to sever damage.

Following these simple guidelines will no doubt give you a longer transmission life. If you have any questions are concerns please Contact West Coast Transmission today!!

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