Transmission Parts

Transmission Parts

Helpful Tips for Maintaining Transmission Parts

For those that struggle with setting up a new printer, or putting together a piece of Swedish furniture, maintaining and repairing an automobile and its transmission is completely out of the question.  A car’s transmission is one of the most complex and expensive components, aside from electrical and computerized pieces.  Luckily, there are countless mechanical shops that specialize in transmission repair and replacement.  Often times, shops can discover a problem with easy to reach smaller transmission parts which are generally low cost and quick to fix.  If the issue is not with a part on the surface of the transmission, mechanics are forced to remove the transmission from the automobile and start the disassembly process.

Disassembling a transmission is quite the daunting task.  The complex harmony, required for a transmission to function properly, can be affected by even the most, minute details.  The consistent changing of transmission fluid and filters can help increase the life of transmission parts; however, smaller parts of a transmission can function for extended amounts of miles if drivers keep a few things in mind.  Avoiding large repairs is simple as long as keeping up with maintenance is not an issue.  Modern preventive maintenance for cars allows drivers to stay on the road longer.  By consistently repairing small, inexpensive parts, drivers can avoid dropping lots of cash on major transmission repairs.

 4 Tips on Extending Life of Transmission Parts

  1. These parts are somewhat fragile, so try to avoid shifting into drive from reverse and vice-versa too quickly, give the RPM’s a second to decrease to a smooth idle.
  2. Give your engine and transmission a chance to warm up before shifting into drive on those cold winter mornings.  Parts changing temperature from ice cold to several hundred degrees can affect the rigidity of materials these parts are made of.
  3. Check transmission fluid regularly.  A deep discoloration or a burnt smell are signs off transmission wear that may affect the performance of transmission components and in turn case one or more parts to fail or malfunction.
  4. Check your vehicles cooling system for any leaks or damages, as the degeneration of anti-freeze over time, which could cause a transmission to overheat or freeze up depending on conditions.

These tips are just a few small steps and take very little time or knowledge.  If a transmission problem seems apparent, whether minor or major, West Coast Transmission can help.  With convenient online scheduling and one of the most knowledgeable staffs in town, any fix can be quick and easy.  With an intensive disassembly policy and great attention to detail, rest assured knowing that your transmission is in good hands.

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