Transmission Service

Transmission Service

5 Reasons to have a Transmission Service

Transmission gears transmit power from the engine to the drive wheels and their smooth operation relies on a special transmission fluid, which lubricates and cools the car’s gears and torque converters. Transmission fluid changes and flushes should be part of a car’s regular maintenance schedule, and with good reason. Here are five reasons why transmission service is needed regularly.

1. Most car manufacturers recommend transmission service after certain mileage points.

Recommendations can range from once every 30,000 miles, to once every 100,000 miles. The vehicle’s owner manual will specify the recommended mileage point for your car. Delaying a transmission flush could cause accumulation of contaminants in the fluid, which could lead to various problems. Keep an eye on the odometer to see when your vehicle will need its next service.

2. A simple fluid change can solve common transmission problems.

Dirt, grime, and sludge can all cause problems in the gears and converters. A driver might experience problems shifting gears, delays in vehicle movement, surging of the vehicle, or hear strange noises coming from the transmission. These problems are often caused by contaminants blocking important passageways. In most cases, a simple transmission fluid change is enough for your car to run smoothly again.

3. Vehicles driving in high-stress conditions are at higher risk for transmission failure.

High-stress conditions include mountain driving, stop-and-go traffic, hauling, and long distance driving. These conditions generate higher temperatures, which causes faster breakdown of the transmission fluid. Owners who frequently drive in these conditions will need to perform maintenance routines more often, and have the repair shop check the condition of the fluid.

4. Regular maintenance prevents premature wear and tear.

No one wants to spend thousands on replacing a worn-down transmission. Regular transmission service can prevent dirt and grime from building up, and ensure that contaminants in the fluid will not cause too much damage. Don’t wait too long to get a transmission fluid change. Regular maintenance can significantly extend your transmission’s life.

5. Save money in the long run.

Repairing the transmission is one of the most costly procedures for a car owner. Save yourself the trouble and be active in preventing transmission deterioration. Performing regular maintenance is much more cost-effective than paying for a costly transmission overhaul.

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