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Behind The Scenes at Your Local Transmission Shop

Before you go in to have your automobile serviced it is a common question what are they going to do?  How long it is this going to take? How much is this going to cost? These questions can lead to you thinking that you may be able to assess the car yourself by researching it or asking around. However this can be time consuming and result in problems if not handled correctly. That is why at West Coast Transmission (WCT) we like our customers to know exactly what is being done behind the scenes at your local transmission shop. This means making sure our current and future customers are always aware as to what occurs when they bring their car to our shop, including evaluations, procedures, labor, and even pricing.

At West Coast Transmission we want the reputation of your transmission shop to be a business you can trust and count on.  Whatever concerns or questions you may have we are confident that our helpful and knowledgeable team can help. Our business practices are developed for our customers to feel welcome and safe with our work. Full communication with our customers is a top priority for us, here at WCT.  This in return has strengthened our work ethic and performance while increasing the satisfaction of our clients.

By making sure our customers are involved, informed and updated throughout their visit we can better serve their needs and requests. Our goal is to not only ensure our customers are happy with the service we provide, but that we are maintaining the same great standards each and every time. This means focusing on providing the same great service every time. Here at WCT we understand that taking your car in can feel like a hassle especially when you may not understand why it’s necessary. Buy having an established transmission shop built on customer satisfaction we want to assure you that there’s no need to worry because you are in excellent hands. It’s our job to do the work necessary to have your automobile safe and reliable.

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