Vehicle Inspections

Vehicle Inspections

vehicle inspections

The Importance of Vehicle Inspections

Sometimes we truly forget how much we rely on our vehicles every day. We get in our car to go to work, to grab something to eat, and when we need to go shopping. We use our cars to pick up our children from school, bring them to soccer practice, and sometimes to go grab an ice cream cone. At times we become ill and need to go to the doctor and at times we need our car for emergencies. What would we really do without our cars? Imagine a world where you did not have the convenience of this type of transportation, unfortunately this happens to us when something goes wrong and our car doesn’t run properly. But there are methods to avoid these problems before they happen by having regular vehicle inspections done.

The majority of the time there can be problems with the transmission of your car. The transmission is an extremely important part of the car and that is why it must be kept in good condition. This is why it is also important to give your transmission attention and keep it up to date by have vehicle inspections. At West Coast Transmission we believe in having a healthy transmission. So don’t forget to have yours inspected periodically by West Coast Transmission.

If you are experiencing car trouble, WCT is here to help. Once the car reaches us we offer a free West Coast Check in order to really find out what the issues are. If any issues are detected we then address you with the problems and ask for authorization for repair.  We are then able to come up with alternative routes in order to get your car back on the road. The procedure is then performed- then- voila! After finished West Coast Transmission always ask for you to return after two weeks has passed to ensure your transmission is working correctly.

We love to make your transmission a priority so that way you never have to miss your daughter’s recital, get to work late or miss that dentist appointment. Just to be on the safe side, swing by West Coast Transmission or call us for regular vehicle inspections, to guarantee a healthy transmission for your car.

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