Vehicle Transmission

Vehicle Transmission

What is a Vehicle Transmission?

We’ve all heard the term Vehicle Transmission at one point in time, but what actually is a transmission? What does it do for our car and why is it so important? A car is in need of a transmission, just like a person is in need of a heart. The transmission is very important to the survival of a vehicle and without a strong transmission your car may be in danger of failure. A variety of different mechanics have transmissions, but the transmission is the most common of them all. Here at West Coast Transmission we care about the health of your cars transmission and want to keep you informed.

The main role of your cars transmission is to get your car moving forward or backward. The transmission allows the engine and/or motor to drive a vehicle. Every engine has a redline, the maximum RPM value, that the vehicle can go without blowing up the transmission which is designed to operate without causing damage to the engine. The transmission allows the gear ratio between the engines and drive wheels to change as the car speeds up or slows down. This is why if you have a manual car, as you speed up, you must switch gears manually so that the engine can stay below the redline for the best performance. If you have an automatic transmission, as you speed up, the transmission does it automatically for you.

There are two types of vehicle transmissions: automatic and manual. Nowadays most cars are automatic which use just a gearbox, making it more convenient for the driver. The manual transmission is a little more complicated, instead of just using a gearbox; a clutch is also involved to convert speed of the power source into torque. A gearbox is just a simpler term for transmission, where gears and gear trains provide speed and torque conversions as well from a rotating power source to another device. Transmissions are connected to the engines crankshaft.

In simpler terms, vehicle transmissions make your car go and are extremely important to your car and how it runs. Without a healthy and strong transmission your car will most likely run poorly. This is why it is necessary to get your transmission checked out regularly. At West Coast Transmission, we offer excellent customer service to ensure your cars transmission is in first-rate shape. We also offer a free Diagnostic check for all of our customers. We pride ourselves with integrity and a guarantee to deliver nothing but the best service!

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